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Hotel Aishwarya Lodge & Restaurent Send SMS
Contact Person : Hotel Aishwarya Lodge & Restaurent
Address : 125,Murarji Peth , Solapur
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 0217-2629491
Summary : Air Conditionad, Pure Vegtarian.
Hotel Ajanta |
Hotel Ajanta Send SMS
Contact Person : Mr.Rutvij Chavan
Address : Mechonochi Chowk,Solpaur
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 0217-2726518
Summary : Facilities : A/C & Non A/C Rooms,Restaurant,Safe Depost Locker,Internet & Fax,Travel Booking,Taxi,24 hr Check -out time,Generator Backup,Railway Station & BUS Stand (Half Km.) & Nearest to all markets.
Hotel Angraj Send SMS
Contact Person : Vishal Thengil
Address : Balives, Near Upase Hospital, Solapur
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 0217-2722728
Summary : The Family Restaurant, Rise Plate, Punjabi Dishes etc.
Hotel Arogya Niwas ( Genuine Since 1952) Send SMS
Address : Near Wadia Hospital, Railway Line solapur
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 8983712015, 0217-312457
Summary : Running Successfully From 60 years, All types of south Indian food,sweets & snacks,Special festival sweets & snacks available, All products are specially homemade in Refind oil, Gurantee of excellent food quantity,Catering order will be accepted @ smart price
Hotel Aziz Plaza Send SMS
Contact Person : Shabir Durugkar
Address : 80, Begum Peth, Bijapur Ves, Solapur
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 0217-2724386
Summary : A/C Super Delux (Double), Non A/C Super Delux(Double), General Hall One Person, Extra Person A/C & Non A/C.
Hotel City Park Send SMS
Contact Person : Hotel City Park
Address : 119, Murarji Peth,Char Hutatma Chowk, Solapur
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 0217-2729791 / 2 / 3 / 4, 9923099444
Email : ,
website :
Summary : Central Air Conditional, 24 Luxurious Room Suites, Terrace Swimming Pool, Travel Desk/Assistance, all Measure Credit Cards Accepted
Hotel Jagdamba(Bhavsar Dum Biryani) |
Hotel Jagdamba(Bhavsar Dum Biryani) Send SMS
Contact Person : Devidas A Tandale
Address : Goldpinch Peth,In front of Savarkar Maidan,Near Lokmangal Bank,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9422462470
Landline : 8698240400
Summary : 1.Bavsar mutton dum biryani full/half mutton ,.aachar ,.bavsar mutton masala ,khima unde,khima masala,,methi khima,engg curry ,egg biryani,chicken dum biryani full/half,chicken masala , veg biryani, chapati , kadak and naram roti , sunday and wednesday special dalcha khana, also provided orderwise services.
Hotel Jay Palace Send SMS
Contact Person : Mr. P. K. Goudanavaru
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9850222255
Summary : South Indian , Indian , Chines Specal,Rice Plate with Shenga Chatni Dahi,Khakara ,Specal Khava Poli, Shenga Poli, Kharda(Thecha),Dhapata With availabl
Hotel Khan Chacha |
Hotel Khan Chacha Send SMS
Contact Person : Sarfaraj & Zunaid
Address : 23/2, Hyderabad Road,Hotel Khan Chacha,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9421066064
Landline : 8149155984
Summary : Khan Chacha Special Mutton ,Mutton Achar,Khan Chacha Special Chicken,Dalcha Khana,Mutton Rose,Khima Unde etc;
Hotel Khan Chacha Veg  Non-Veg Familiy Restaurants |
Hotel Khan Chacha Veg Non-Veg Familiy Restaurants Send SMS
Contact Person : Mr.Salman Khan, Mr.Rihan Khan
Address : Sat Rasta, Modi Station Road, Solapur.
City : solapurMaharastra, India
Mobile : 9860652510
Landline : 9175333321
Summary : Indian Veg, Non-Veg , Sea Food , Matan Dum biryani, Matan Aachar, chicken Dum biryani, Khan ChaCha Special Chicken, Khan ChaCha Special Veg, Dalcha Khana, Birthday Party Get Together,and Separate Family Section Available.
Timing: 11.30Am To 10.30Pm, Friday: 1.30Pm To 10.30Pm
Hotel Nila Send SMS
Contact Person : Hotel Nila
Address : N.G. Abdulpurkar Complex, Nilanagar, Samrat Chowk, Solapur-413002
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 0217-2745052
Summary : N.G. Abdulpurkar Complex, Nilanagar, Samrat Chowk, Solapur-413002
Hotel Panchali Send SMS
Contact Person : Hotel Panchali
Address : Murarji Peth, Shivaji Chowk, Solapur
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 2328801
Summary : Gujarati Talli
Hotel Rasoi |
Hotel Rasoi Send SMS
Contact Person : Ajay Pise & Shubham Pise & Gaurav Pise
Address : 131 / 1 A,Murarji Peth,Hotel Sanket,Saraswati Chowk,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 7798989696
Landline : 9922749696 , 9552528899
Summary : First Time A/C Restaurant and Family Restaurant in Solapur.
Available Dishes are :
Punjabi Dishes
Special Dishes
Rasoi Special Dishes
Maharashtrain Dishes
Rice Plate
Special Veg Sikh Kabab
Chinese Sizzler
Shenga Chatani
Khava Poli
Special Parcel Service available as per order.
Hotel Sai |
Hotel Sai Send SMS
Contact Person : Somnath Gavali
Address : 939, North Bazar, Sathrastra, Rangbhavan Road,Near Ganesh Chambers,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9922465122
Landline : 9881700462 , 9860316399
Summary : Chicken, Matan, Chicken Biryani, Sai Special Matan Items,Kala- Tikka Items,Sai Fish Items, Sai Veg Non-Veg items and all types of Punjabi items available.
Hotel Suryakiran |
Hotel Suryakiran Send SMS
Contact Person : Suhas Shrinivas Palli
Address : 1369,Bhadravati Peth,near Shri Markandya Hospital backside gate,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9158551143
Landline : 8087209320
Email :
Summary : Paya,Jigari,Special Dum Matan & Chicken Biryani,Khima Ande,Lukane Soup, Rice Plate, Special Veg Bona,Veg Kofta,Special Suryakiran Thali ,etc;
Break Fast :
Shira, Uppit, Pohe, Sushila, Bhaji, Vadapav,Dwasi, Puri bhaji available .
Hotel Swaad |
Hotel Swaad Send SMS
Contact Person : Rahimbhai / Wasim
Address : Flat no. 18,Konda Nagar,Akkalkot road near chavan showroom, Solapur
City : SolapurMaharastra, India
Mobile : 9970609599
Landline : 9422293253
Summary : Mutton Shik, Chicken Shik, Fish Shik, Mutton masala, chicken masala, Khima unde, Achar Dum biryani, Dalcha khana, Fish fry
Pinkies House of Biryani |
Pinkies House of Biryani Send SMS
Contact Person : Namita B. Kardas
Address : H.No.84-B, Ekta Nagar ,Behind W.I.T College,Solapur - 413006
City : Solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9704899922
Summary : 1) Swadisht, Poushtik
2)Gharguti Paramparik Paddhtine Banvilele
3)Chicken Dum Biryani
Our Features Swast,Rasdar,Naram,Nivida,Taje Chicken,Shandar,Khushbudar, Pure Basumati Rice,Shudh Desi Tup,Paramparik Shudh Masale,Clean, Poushtik Gharguti Padarth,Swadisht,Sukhad,Samadhankarak.

If you eat once for experience, you will eat again and again

For 1kg biryani give order by one day before