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Hotel Aishwarya Lodge & Restaurent Send SMS
Contact Person : Hotel Aishwarya Lodge & Restaurent
Address : 125,Murarji Peth , Solapur
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 0217-2629491
Summary : Air Conditionad, Pure Vegtarian.
Hotel Ajanta |
Hotel Ajanta Send SMS
Contact Person : Mr.Rutvij Chavan
Address : Mechonochi Chowk,Solpaur
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 0217-2726518
Summary : Facilities : A/C & Non A/C Rooms,Restaurant,Safe Depost Locker,Internet & Fax,Travel Booking,Taxi,24 hr Check -out time,Generator Backup,Railway Station & BUS Stand (Half Km.) & Nearest to all markets.
Hotel Angraj Send SMS
Contact Person : Vishal Thengil
Address : Balives, Near Upase Hospital, Solapur
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 0217-2722728
Summary : The Family Restaurant, Rise Plate, Punjabi Dishes etc.
Hotel Arogya Niwas ( Genuine Since 1952) Send SMS
Address : Near Wadia Hospital, Railway Line solapur
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 8983712015, 0217-312457
Summary : Running Successfully From 60 years, All types of south Indian food,sweets & snacks,Special festival sweets & snacks available, All products are specially homemade in Refind oil, Gurantee of excellent food quantity,Catering order will be accepted @ smart price
Hotel Aziz Plaza Send SMS
Contact Person : Shabir Durugkar
Address : 80, Begum Peth, Bijapur Ves, Solapur
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 0217-2724386
Summary : A/C Super Delux (Double), Non A/C Super Delux(Double), General Hall One Person, Extra Person A/C & Non A/C.
Hotel City Park Send SMS
Contact Person : Hotel City Park
Address : 119, Murarji Peth,Char Hutatma Chowk, Solapur
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 0217-2729791 / 2 / 3 / 4, 9923099444
Email : ,
website :
Summary : Central Air Conditional, 24 Luxurious Room Suites, Terrace Swimming Pool, Travel Desk/Assistance, all Measure Credit Cards Accepted
Hotel Jagdamba(Bhavsar Dum Biryani) |
Hotel Jagdamba(Bhavsar Dum Biryani) Send SMS
Contact Person : Devidas A Tandale
Address : South Kasba,Near Kanhaiyyalal medical ,Below Shilpashrushti ,Datta Chowk,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9422462470
Landline : 8698240400
Summary : 1.Bavsar mutton dum biryani full/half mutton ,.aachar ,.bavsar mutton masala ,khima unde,khima masala,,methi khima,engg curry ,egg biryani,chicken dum biryani full/half,chicken masala , veg biryani, chapati , kadak and naram roti , sunday and wednesday special dalcha khana, also provided orderwise services.
Hotel Jay Palace Send SMS
Contact Person : Mr. P. K. Goudanavaru
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9850222255
Summary : South Indian , Indian , Chines Specal,Rice Plate with Shenga Chatni Dahi,Khakara ,Specal Khava Poli, Shenga Poli, Kharda(Thecha),Dhapata With availabl
Hotel Khan Chacha |
Hotel Khan Chacha Send SMS
Contact Person : Sarfaraj & Zunaid
Address : 23/2, Hyderabad Road,Hotel Khan Chacha,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9421066064
Landline : 8149155984
Summary : Khan Chacha Special Mutton ,Mutton Achar,Khan Chacha Special Chicken,Dalcha Khana,Mutton Rose,Khima Unde etc;
Hotel Khan Chacha Veg  Non-Veg Familiy Restaurants |
Hotel Khan Chacha Veg Non-Veg Familiy Restaurants Send SMS
Contact Person : Mr.Salman Khan, Mr.Rihan Khan
Address : Sat Rasta, Modi Station Road, Solapur.
City : solapurMaharastra, India
Mobile : 9860652510
Landline : 9175333321
Summary : Indian Veg, Non-Veg , Sea Food , Matan Dum biryani, Matan Aachar, chicken Dum biryani, Khan ChaCha Special Chicken, Khan ChaCha Special Veg, Dalcha Khana, Birthday Party Get Together,and Separate Family Section Available.
Timing: 11.30Am To 10.30Pm, Friday: 1.30Pm To 10.30Pm
Hotel Nila Send SMS
Contact Person : Hotel Nila
Address : N.G. Abdulpurkar Complex, Nilanagar, Samrat Chowk, Solapur-413002
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 0217-2745052
Summary : N.G. Abdulpurkar Complex, Nilanagar, Samrat Chowk, Solapur-413002
Hotel Panchali Send SMS
Contact Person : Hotel Panchali
Address : Murarji Peth, Shivaji Chowk, Solapur
City : solapur,Maharastra, India
Mobile : 2328801
Summary : Gujarati Talli
Hotel Rangoon |
Hotel Rangoon Send SMS
Contact Person : Vikrant Rajan Pardeshi
Address : 105,Muraji Peth,Near Rasik Dinning Hall,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9370701380
Landline : 7020544090
Summary : Veg - Non Veg,Tanduri Kabab,All types of Tanduri Items & All types of Fish Items like Paplet,Surmai,Frons ,etc;
Parcel Available with us.
Hotel Suryakiran |
Hotel Suryakiran Send SMS
Contact Person : Suhas Shrinivas Palli
Address : 1369,Bhadravati Peth,near Shri Markandya Hospital backside gate,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9158551143
Landline : 8087209320
Email :
Summary : Paya,Jigari,Special Dum Matan & Chicken Biryani,Khima Ande,Lukane Soup, Rice Plate, Special Veg Bona,Veg Kofta,Special Suryakiran Thali ,etc;
Break Fast :
Shira, Uppit, Pohe, Sushila, Bhaji, Vadapav,Dwasi, Puri bhaji available .
Hotel Swaad |
Hotel Swaad Send SMS
Contact Person : Rahimbhai / Wasim
Address : Flat no. 18,Konda Nagar,Akkalkot road near chavan showroom, Solapur
City : SolapurMaharastra, India
Mobile : 9970609599
Landline : 9422293253
Summary : Mutton Shik, Chicken Shik, Fish Shik, Mutton masala, chicken masala, Khima unde, Achar Dum biryani, Dalcha khana, Fish fry
Hotel Vikas |
Hotel Vikas Send SMS
Contact Person : Amar Sidharam Bukkanure
Address : Vijay Nagar,New Vidi Gharkul Road,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9637234524
Landline : 9156315636
Summary : Available Pure Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian meals,also small & big meals order accepted here,
Greater than Rs.300 /- orders will be delivered at home.
Make an excellent and delicious mutton at Rs.200/- per Kilo.
Suvi Veg Restaurant |
Suvi Veg Restaurant Send SMS
Contact Person : Prathmesh Kuntala
Address : C-30/12,Sakhar Peth,Near Yellaling Math,Solapur
City : SolapurMaharastra, India
Mobile : 7020436667
Landline : 8698790996
Email :
Summary : pure-veg Restaurant,Indian,Chinese,South Indian,Punjabi,etc dishes we mad with pure veg food.
Tuljai Bhavsar Khanaval (Homemade) |
Tuljai Bhavsar Khanaval (Homemade) Send SMS
Contact Person : Ravindra Pundalikrao Bhondage
Address : H.No. - 43,Somwar Peth,near Battul School,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9326892848
Landline : 9653647257
Summary : Breakfast:Paya Soof, Lukanan Soof,Beja Fry etc;
Roskimma,Matan Kaleja,Chafs,etc; homemade available here.
Parcel Available
Time - 8:30 AM To 11:30 AM(Morning)
6:00 PM To 11:00 PM (Evening)