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Samarth Physio And Rehab Center |
Samarth Physio And Rehab Center Send SMS
Contact Person : Dr. Manjiri Hegde
Address : Plot No.6,Vikas Nagar,Near life line hospital,Mahavir Chowk,Hotgi Road,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9850995191
Landline : 9284216291
Email :
Summary : Consulting Services :
Physiotherapy,Manual Therapy,Acupuncture,Laser Therapy,Obesity Management,Nutrition & Diet Planning,Naturotherapy,Scientific Massage Therapy,Yoga Therapy & Exercise Therapy
.Paralysis,Spinal cord,Hathapayal Mungya Yene,Badirtha,Sandhe Dukhi,Khande Dukhi,Sandiwat,Gudge Dukhi,Sports Injuries, Medullary fibrillation,Joint Exercise,pragat,Physiotherapy Services Available.
Time : 10 AM To 2 PM and 4 PM To 8 PM
Care & Cure Physiotherapy Clinic |
Care & Cure Physiotherapy Clinic Send SMS
Contact Person : Dr. Priyal Doshi (B.P.T.,M.I.A.P)
Address : 940/2, Garud Bangla, Lower Ground Floor, Rangbhavan to Saat Rasta Road, Solapur
City : SolapurMaharastra, India
Mobile : 9403488221
Landline : 0217-2315131
Email :
Summary : Electrotherapy & Manual Therapy available for: Orthopedic Conditions:- Frozen Shoulder, Spondylitis, Knee Pain, Heel Pain, Sciatica, Arthritis. Neurologin Conditions like Bells Palsy, AnynerveInjury. Paediatric Condition like: Cerebal Palsy, Developmental delay. Gynecological Condition: Antenatal and postnatal, exercises,etc